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How Political Correctness Seeks to Stifle Necessary Truth

Friday, January 30, 2015

Guest: Franklin Graham, president, Samaritan’s Purse

Therefore, laying aside falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor…”  Ephesians 4:25

Political correctness is defined as “demonstrating progressive ideals, especially by avoiding vocabulary that is considered offensive, discriminatory, or judgmental, especially concerning race and gender.”

In our day and age, there are two additional subjects that political correctness demands nary a discouraging word be spoken: Islam and homosexuality.

Which is surprising considering how Islamic jihadists murder and terrorize all over the world, and how the homosexual movement in America seeks to punish individuals and businesses who take a stand against it.  One would think that speaking up would be the right thing to do.

Franklin Graham, president of the international Christian relief and evangelism organization, Samaritan’s Purse, is well aware of the speech boundaries put up by the “PC Police.”  He has been lambasted as an “Islamophobe” for speaking out against Duke University’s decision (since rescinded) to allow the Muslim Students Association to broadcast their Friday call to prayer over the campus’ chapel bell tower.

Franklin will be our guest this weekend on The Christian Worldview.

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The Christian Worldview Minute is a one-minute radio feature hosted by David Wheaton that airs Monday through Sunday on 250 radio stations across America.

The Real State of Our Union ( Jan. 26 – Feb. 1, 2015)

Monday, January 26, 2015


What makes a strong nation?  This is David Wheaton with The Christian Worldview Radio Program.

In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama opened by saying, “The shadow of crisis has passed, and the State of the Union is strong.”

But is that really the case?  A nation may have wealth and military might, but what if the foundation of society—the God-designed family, with a father and a mother raising children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord—is becoming increasingly rare?

If a nation’s strength is defined by the health of its families, our country is in trouble.  And the first step is to examine ourselves to make sure our hearts, lives, and families are right before the Lord.

Hear an interview about the real state of our union at TheChristianWorldview.org

This weekend, Franklin Graham will be our guest on the program.


ANNOUNCING: The Master’s College Essay Contest 2015 ANNOUNCING: The Master’s College Essay Contest 2015

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Author: | November 28, 2014

2014 Year-End Letter! 2014 Year-End Letter!

Our 2014 Year-End Annual Print Letter is being mailed this week.  You can read a pre-release online copy below. Greetings to you and yours as we thank God for His many blessings, and most especially, the gift of His Son. Strengthening the faith of believers and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those who don’t know Him—that is the common thread in all the moving parts of The Christian Worldview. And there are plenty of moving parts!…  Read More →

Author: | November 14, 2014

Pursuit of Holiness & Holiness Day by Day – 2 Great Offers! Pursuit of Holiness & Holiness Day by Day – 2 Great Offers!

Our NEW FEATURED RESOURCES for a donation of any amount are Jerry Bridges’ books: The Pursuit of Holiness (softcover, 179 pages, $12.99 retail) Holiness Day by Day devotional (hardcover, 336 pages, $19.99 retail) Either or both would be great to read yourself or to give as a gift. Choose one for a donation of any amount to The Christian Worldview.  Or better yet, bundle them together for a donation of $30 or more. 3 Ways to Order: 1) Order online at TheChristianWorldview.org 2) Call toll-free... 

Author: | October 24, 2014

“My Boy, Ben” Book Launch Event “My Boy, Ben” Book Launch Event

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 is the release date of David Wheaton’s much-anticipated new book My Boy, Ben by Tristan Publishing, and you are invited to the launch celebration event at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota! 8:00 am: Watch a LIVE broadcast of The Christian Worldview radio program.  A special co-host will interview David on the book. 9:00 am: David will talk about the book—how God used a yellow Lab named Ben to expand David’s understanding and appreciation for God’s grace and the... 

Author: | October 3, 2014

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