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The Emergent Church: Cool Heresy for a Navel-Gazing, Narcissistic Generation

Posted by | Saturday, May 16, 2009 | 9:00 am CT


Guest: Kevin DeYoung, co-author, Why We’re Not Emergent

The EmergentChurch, the post-modern, social justice, “whatever” approach to Christianity, has seduced a generation of 20- to 40-somethings with its cultural hip-ness, its re-imagined interpretations of Scripture, and its edgy and retro worship style.

If you don’t have a good understanding of the EmergentChurch, you really need to because its’ message and/or method will be coming to your church or Christian school soon (it’s probably already there).

In Hour 2 of The Christian Worldview this Saturday, Kevin DeYoung, co-author of Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be), will help us understand the Emergent Church, what it is, where it’s going, and why you and your family should steer clear.

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