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Freemasonry: Compatible with Christianity?

Posted by | Saturday, June 6, 2009 | 8:00 am CT



Guest: Ron Carlson, president, Christian Ministries International

A worldwide “fraternal organization” with millions of male members that has existed for centuries, Freemasonry is a religious way (that claims to be non-religious) with both advocates and critics.  Proponents say the organization helps its members strive for morality, charity, and community good.  Detractors say it is nothing less than a secret society rife with occultism and universalism that seeks a New World Order.

So is Freemasonry truly an evil enterprise or is it harmless fellowship?  Why are there so many professing Christians who are Masons?  Is there a connection between Masonry and Islam?  What is actually going on at that Masonic lodge in your hometown?

Ron Carlson, founder and teacher of Christian Ministries International and an expert on cults, will help us understand what Freemasonry actually is, whether it is compatible with Christianity, and how to communicate the gospel to those who are involved in it.

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