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Using New Media to Impact the Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Posted by | Saturday, November 28, 2009 | 9:00 am CT


Guest Host: John Stonestreet, executive director, Summit Ministries
Guest: Randall Niles, AllAboutGod.com

Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc, etc. The #1 source of information for the 21st century is the internet. Guest Randall Niles, founder of www.allaboutgod.com discusses how the internet can be used to communicate the Gospel to questioners. Learn how Randall is impacting thousands by building a “wall of truth,” placing Christian answers to people’s deepest questions where they can find it.

Second half of Hour 2: Top Down Leadership Development: Why Christians Must Identify and Invest in Our Best and Brightest

Guest: Alan Crippen

One of the neglected areas of discipleship in the church are the intellectually, academically, and culturally gifted young people among us. Rev. Alan Crippen, founder of the John Jay Institute, joins us to talk about how to invest in this unique group so they can reach their full potential for Christ. Using the historical example of John Jay, one of America’s most prominent founding fathers, Crippen helps us identify these leaders and talks through strategies for discipling them.

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