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Evangelical Feminism and the Bible, part II – Galatians 3:38

Posted by | Sunday, September 11, 2011 | 8:00 am CT

S. Lewis Johnson Message of the Week

Evangelical Feminism and the Bible, part II
Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his discussion of feminism within evangelical thought by expounding the Apostle Paul’s teachings on the role of women in the early church.

Scripture Reference: Galatians 3:38

Click here to listen: Evangelical Feminism and the Bible, part II

Transcript Excerpt:

Last week we started our series of studies on evangelical feminism and the Bible.  And I started out by making what I think is an important form in the form of a question.  And it was, what is the unique significance of our maleness and our femaleness?  And have we really forgotten that?  Or are we so exposed to thoughts that are characteristic of our society that we do not realize what the word of God has said from its beginning.  I suggested that a question that most of the feminists cannot answer is a simple question that a child, a girl or a man or boy may ask his parents, “Dad what does it mean to be a man and not a woman?”  Or “Dad what does it mean to be a woman and not a man.”  These are questions that the Scriptures have significant things to say about in the egalitarianism of the society of which we are a part now.  That’s largely lost.  And so often we know that in evangelicalism, the things that the world thinks about and bombards us with are soon the things that we see in the church of Jesus Christ.  They slip often unnoticed and it’s not until difficulties have arisen in the church of Christ that we realize that we have been subjected to influence from unchristian sources.  We don’t doubt at all that rationality may exist in differing view points, at least plausibility I should say.  It appeared to be rationality exists in many of the things with which our society is occupied.

…. you can read the full transcript here.

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