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Need to Reads for November 12, 2009

November 12, 2008 by  
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The Night We Waved Good-Bye to America (Peter Hitchens) – Brother of Christopher Hitchens can see further than hand in front of face.

Intellectuals (Thomas Sowell) – Def. of humanist intellectual: person often wrong who has been educated beyond sanity.

Obama’s Ficticious Pro-Israel Team (Markell) – Only God can save you now, Israel, because America certainly won’t.  Even from this.

Obama Consults with Homosexual Bishop – Billy Graham out, Gene Robinson in.

Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, Tied to Freddie Mac – Just remember, the mortgage meltdown was all the Republicans fault.

Mischief in Minnesota: Al Franken’s Recount Isn’t Funny (WSJ) – Ends always justify means for humanists.

Why Believe in god – Humanist ad campaign on buses in DC.  Humanism: our official state religion.

Churches Vandalized Over Prop 8 Decision – Where’s the “tolerance” for opposing views? 

Think Biblically, Vote Accordingly

November 1, 2008 by  
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You might recognize the topic of this week’s show as a slight variation of our motto of The Christian Worldview: “Think Biblically, Live Accordingly.” But isn’t that what the Christian life should be about – understanding any given issue as Christ would and then acting in accordance with that truth?

The issue before Christians right now is the 2008 federal, state, and local elections that take place on Tuesday, November 4th. Never before have I seen our country at such a tipping point (as Daniel Denninger points out in this article). Democrat Barack Obama has Read more