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What is the Holy Spirit’s Role in Your Life? LIVE from the Psalm 119 Conference


Todd Friel, Wretched Radio and TV
Phil Johnson, Grace to You
Milton Vincent, The Gospel Primer
R.W. Glenn, Redeemer Bible Church

The Christian Worldview Radio Program will be broadcasting LIVE and on-site from the Psalm 119 Conference this Saturday from 8-9am CT at Twin Cities Fellowship Church in St. Louis Park, MN.  The theme of the conference is the role and activity of the Holy Spirit in the church and in your life.

We will be interviewing some of the speakers at the conference including Todd Friel (host of Wretched Radio and TV), Phil Johnson (Grace to You), and Pastors Milton Vincent (author, The Gospel Primer) and R.W. Glenn (Redeemer Bible Church).

The conference goes from 9am to 5pm on Saturday, May 5th.  If you decide to come, be sure to come out early at 8am to watch and hear a LIVE broadcast of The Christian Worldview.  Full conference info here.