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E-Harmony, Campolo, and the Gay Cabal

November 20, 2008 by  
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E-Harmony Goes Gay

Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family has promoted eHarmony but will he continue to do that now that the owner has knuckled under to a lawsuit in New Jersey and will offer “same-sex” matches? The homosexual jackboot crowd continues its relentless march across American culture and men like the founder of eHarmony are only too willing to knuckle under and conform to their terrorist demands.

Tony Campolo: I Opposed Prop 8

I’m shocked, just shocked. Tony Campolo on the opposite side of biblical morality? Say it isn’t so. The Baptist Press reports. Tony and I had a dust up at a National Religious Broadcasters convention years ago that I’ve never forgotten. A former homosexual from a New York ministry and I went over to the Zondervan booth where Mr. Campolo was holding forth on his latest book. Having thoroughly exposed Mr. Campolo’s false teachings in a paper I had written entitled, “Renegade Prophet: A Look at the Teachings of Dr. Tony Campolo”, I was interested in what Campolo was promoting at NRB. The Zondervan booth was pretty empty so my friend and I approached him to ask why he was not teaching that Jesus Christ could deliver from homosexuality. Tony came unhinged when he Read more